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Soon arriving in Lyon or in France?

We support you in your new environment.

MRI Relocation’s service consists in relocating its customers in a new environment and in a new region.
We assist French or foreign company executives or workers, or individuals, in relocating here in the Rhône-Alpes region and all over France.

MRI Relocation offers a broad range of services such as advanced search for housing, apartments or houses, meeting customers’ criteria, as well as search for schools for the children, full support in administrative and personal steps, setting up of utilities…
Thus MRI Relocation is a facilitator as it endeavours to make easier lengthy formalities in order to ensure smooth and customised transition for its clients.

Find out more about relocation services.

MRI Relocation, owing to its national and international professional partner network, can also be of assistance in Paris, around France and abroad.
Please contact us to set up a meeting in order to discuss your plans with us.

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What services do we offer our customers?

• HOUSING > we look for housing based on your criteria, and handle the moving...
• PROCEDURES > immigration, health coverage, family allowances...
• COUNSELLING > presentation of the city and of the region, advice to make your integration easier...

What are the benefits of using MRI Relocation?

• Significant time saving thanks to the professionalism of MRI Relocation
• Ongoing attentiveness, sense of the human
• Services based on experience and a network of professionals developed for over 20 years

Are our customers sure to find a home with MRI Relocation?

MRI Relocation always does its best to provide the service chosen. The odds of finding a home increase dramatically when you use our agency.
Indeed, our network and our professionalism allow us to put an emphasis on our customers’ cases in an ever-increasing competitive environment in the real estate market.

Why choose MRI Relocation?

Our company is recognised as one of the very best in the region.
Indeed, many international corporations have trusted us for many years.