Finding a home

A home meeting your criteria:

MRI Relocation ensures to facilitate your housing search process. We are ready to help you to realize your project thanks to our deep knowledge of the housing market and to make your move a success.

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MRI Relocation makes you benefit from its perfect knowledge of the real estate market and its privileged contacts with many local players (real estate agencies, insurance brokers, banks, solicitors) confidentially and in compliance with ethics.

• Housing search, rental or purchase, mainly in Lyon and its region, but also in the rest of France and abroad. Handling of inventory of fixtures, lease signing, moving assistance …
• Definition of your requirements, so as to visit only those properties that meet your pre-established criteria. That is MRI Relocation’s asset.
• Help in preparing a file for a real estate agency or an owner.
• Assistance in the signing of the lease or preliminary agreement.
• Setting up of utilities contracts (electricity, water, phone, internet, insurance...).

Administrative procedures

Administrative procedures followed on your behalf:

MRI Relocation handles the administrative steps and formalities for immigration, expatriation, social benefits, utilities payments, departure assistance, …

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MRI Relocation helps you with administrative steps upon your arrival, assists you with immigration, and guides and advises you through each of your administrative steps and your social benefits.

• Social security registration (CPAM)
• Carte vitale (social security card) application
• Access to family allowance (CAF) based on your personal profile
• Work permit
• Visa
• Residency card
• Driver’s licence exchange if applicable or driver’s licence test

Relocation-related services

Customised advice to prepare your arrival:

MRI Relocation, to facilitate your arrival, conducts searches based on your wishes, and offers its guidance.
MRI Relocation will guide you in the choice of schools for your children, the French schooling systems and partner international schools.

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• Search for a school, a day care centre, a rental car, tax advice …
• Advice about the city and the region
• Advice about various aspects of life in France (customs, governmental agencies, immigration, etc.) for foreigners
• Advice about local features for French people coming from another region
• Advice about cultural and tourist activities in the city

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Document renewal

MRI Relocation helps you apply for document renewals through the privileged relationship that we have with various State organisations (DDTE, OFII, prefecture...) and in cooperation with specialised immigration firms.

Services + for you and your family with our partners

• Intercultural training courses (interactive courses to introduce you to the specific features of life in France and French people.
• FLE French as a foreign language courses and other courses
• Cooking, drawing, gym courses, etc.
• Search for house personnel (cleaning person, babysitter, school tutoring, after-school activities)

Spouse assistance

MRI Relocation can help a spouse in his/her personal or professional integration steps, as needed, thanks to its network of associations and its relationship with partner hiring firms, to help integration in Lyon and in the Rhône-Alpes region.


Based on its network abroad, MRI Relocation also assists in expatriation around the world.


If your company is subject to the 1% housing tax, and depending on some criteria being met, you may be eligible for that subsidy.
MRI Relocation’s mobility service can thus be paid for directly with the Mobili-pass®.
We prepare the file and handle it until it is completed.
You will have no mobility cost and will receive invaluable help.